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Eramaa plays multivocal folk metal headed by a trio of female vocalists. In the band's music, powerful guitars and traditional Finnish folk music intertwine in melodic harmony.

While Eramaa grabs every guy and gal for a guaranteed head banging, it’s possible to be immersed and seduced by the beautiful harmonies of the dark currents of Tuonela.


Eramaa’s first EP Breathe was released in autumn 2019.

It was followed by the album Pohjan Nainen, released in 2022, whose single One Hell has been played on national radio.


Eramaa's second album Ukko Laulaa was released in late 2023.


Vocals: Laura Lehto, Satu Aava, Sanna West

Guitar: Mikko Oinonen

Bass: Napsa Ikola

Drums: Aki Lehtimäki

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